Super Load Transport Services

OXBO Assets & 3PL divisions specialize in super load transport services, expertly handling oversized and heavy haul cargo for onsite jobsite transports to cross country long hauls. We navigate the complexities of this trucking industry sector with our decades of experience. Cross border super load transport present challenges standard transportation options cannot meet, but OXBO can offer solutions.

Trucking Services between US, Canada & Mexico

open deck freight

Open Deck

OXBO Logistics offers a variety of trucking solutions for all Flatbed, Step Deck, Double Drop, Hotshot, and RGN services to and from all points in the US, Canada and Mexico.

closed deck services

Closed Deck

OXBO Logistics can handle Dry Van, Conestoga, and Refrigeration Freight Closed Decks, including 48’ and 53’ options from all regions in North America.



OXBO Logistics asset division can provide Heavy Haul Transport and Super Load services throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, utilizing our extensive inventory of heavy prime mover tractor and transporter configurations.

heavy haul transport

International Commercial Cargo

OXBO Logistics has over 40 years combined experience offering dedicated trucking service in and out of Mexico. Our partnership with experienced Mexico CTPAT certified carriers means no job is too big or too small.

20-acre storage facilities available in Houston, Texas and Portland, Oregon.

Super Load Transport Services From OXBO Logistics

Super load transportation services cater to the unique needs of companies across different industries. These specialized services are indispensable for companies requiring the movement of large equipment, hazardous materials, or infrastructure components. Ensuring such loads' safe and efficient transport demands experience, precise strategizing, and the right equipment.

Key features of super load services include:

  • Customized route planning addresses potential obstacles such as bridges, tunnels, and environmental factors.
  • The use of specialized equipment ensures the safe and secure transportation of large items.
  • Compliance with local, state, and national regulations is a top priority.
  • Expert personnel receive special training to handle and manage oversized cargo efficiently.
  • Emphasis on timely delivery ensures punctuality while never compromising safety.

Size and precision are not OXBO's only considerations. The synergy between planners, drivers, and field teams ensures that each shipment concludes smoothly.

Challenges OXBO Conquers With Super Heavy Haul Services

Undertaking oversized hauls requires super load transport services. The obstacles faced by transport companies are multi-faceted:

  • Load stability: Ensuring the cargo remains stable throughout the journey is paramount.
  • Driver expertise: Handling oversized loads requires specialized training and experienced drivers with proper vetting.
  • Infrastructure limitations: Some bridges, tunnels, or roads may not accommodate super heavy loads.
  • Time restrictions: Certain regions may restrict the movement of oversized cargo to specific times of the day.
  • Public awareness: Alerting the general public about the movement can help prevent any unforeseen traffic delays.

Because OXBO assets specializes in super load transport services, we have strategies to address these hurdles. Continual driver training programs are essential to ensure our team has the skills to handle the nuances of large cargo and the varying international regulations for the trucking industry. OXBO collaborates with local authorities to overcome infrastructure challenges and plan routes proactively.

Contact OXBO To Overcome Super Load Transport Obstacles

OXBO Logistics is a leading 3PL firm offering international cross-border trucking services across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Being asset-based, we can provide diverse logistical solutions and prioritize safety, integrity, and professionalism in every shipment to ensure strong partnerships with clients. Contact OXBO Logistics, LLC to learn more about super load transport services and start building a relationship with a transport company that cares.

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