Flatbed Shipping Services

At OXBO Logistics, we specialize in moving freight across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Our door-to-door flatbed shipping services provide customers with an economical way to transport open deck freight. Our flatbed and step deck trailers can move even wideload cargo seamlessly.

Trucking Services between US, Canada & Mexico

open deck freight

Open Deck

OXBO Logistics offers a variety of trucking solutions for all Flatbed, Step Deck, Double Drop, Hotshot, and RGN services to and from all points in the US, Canada and Mexico.

closed deck services

Closed Deck

OXBO Logistics can handle Dry Van, Conestoga, and Refrigeration Freight Closed Decks, including 48’ and 53’ options from all regions in North America.



OXBO Logistics asset division can provide Heavy Haul Transport and Super Load services throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, utilizing our extensive inventory of heavy prime mover tractor and transporter configurations.

heavy haul transport

International Commercial Cargo

OXBO Logistics has over 40 years combined experience offering dedicated trucking service in and out of Mexico. Our partnership with experienced Mexico CTPAT certified carriers means no job is too big or too small.

20-acre storage facilities available in Houston, Texas and Portland, Oregon.

Our Flatbed Shipping Services

Companies choose a flatbed shipping company because they are convenient for large, oversized, or irregularly shaped items. Flatbeds are easier to load than dry vans since cargo can be loaded from the top, sides, or rear of the trailer.

Our standard flatbed trucks can handle a wide range of goods. We offer tarped and open freight shipping depending on your needs. We have offices with storage facilities in Houston, TX, and Portland, OR, so our OXBO Logistics drivers can easily move your cargo throughout the U.S. or across the border into Canada or Mexico.

Items We Transport

Standard flatbed trucks are 48’ feet long and can accommodate up to 48,000 pounds. Deck height for a flatbed is 60 inches. In some cases, the height can be adjusted to meet specific dock requirements. Typical legal maximum dimensions of flatbed cargo are up to 8’6” wide and 8’6” High. The trailer size determines the maximum length of cargo.

Using our logistics departments fleet of flatbed trucks we can transport almost anything you need to be moved, including:

  • Drilling equipment
  • Pipe and valve fittings
  • Construction equipment
  • Building materials
  • Oilfield equipment
  • Scaffolding
  • Crated goods

Industries We Serve

Our carriers experienced drivers at OXBO Logistics work with you to deliver the goods you need when you need them. Every OXBO Logistics client is a partner in the flatbed shipping process, no matter what industry it serves. We regularly work with companies in the following industries:

  • Petrochemical companies
  • Refineries
  • Construction and building
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Aerospace

Benefits of Our Flatbed Shipping Services

OXBO Logistics flatbed shipping services are a cost-effective solution for you’re legal and oversized cargo. We work with every customer to develop a shipping timeline that suits project needs. We are experienced in the needs of cross-border trucking clients to facilitate faster and more secure shipments  of goods internationally.

Dependable Cross-Border Flatbed Shipping Services

OXBO Logistics is a premier Houston-area flatbed trucking company with decades of experience. Headquartered in Rosharon, TX, we have decades of experience moving equipment for oilfield and refinery operations throughout the region. We can transport your materials and equipment across the country or across the border. Contact us to learn more.

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