Open Deck Freight Services

Many Shippers may need open deck freight services when their product doesn't fit in the confines of a enclosed Dry Van trailer. The domestic transport & cross-border, door-to-door shipping OXBO Logistics provides includes several types of open deck shipping services.

Trucking Services between US, Canada & Mexico

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Open Deck

OXBO Logistics offers a variety of trucking solutions for all Flatbed, Step Deck, Double Drop, Hotshot, and RGN services to and from all points in the US, Canada and Mexico.

closed deck services

Closed Deck

OXBO Logistics can handle Dry Van, Conestoga, and Refrigeration Freight Closed Decks, including 48’ and 53’ options from all regions in North America.



OXBO Logistics asset division can provide Heavy Haul Transport and Super Load services throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, utilizing our extensive inventory of heavy prime mover tractor and transporter configurations.

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International Commercial Cargo

OXBO Logistics has over 40 years combined experience offering dedicated trucking service in and out of Mexico. Our partnership with experienced Mexico CTPAT certified carriers means no job is too big or too small.

20-acre storage facilities available in Houston, Texas and Portland, Oregon.

Industries Using Open Deck Freight Services

Many sectors need to haul oversize cargo and supplies.

The industries we work with include:

Agriculture: Farming equipment and components, including tractors, combines, rakes, and large balers

Power Gen: Exchangers, Generators & Turbines

Automotive:  Presses, injection mold machines, dies & various tooling

Heavy equipment: Drive-on or crane-loaded backhoes, bulldozers, and trucks

Oil & Gas: Components such as Exchangers, prefabbed modules, Skidded Cargo, pumps, and Pressure Vessels

Open Deck Freight Types

We have a range of trailers for open deck freight services.

Flatbeds are useful general-purpose trailers for standard loads. The entire bed is the same height. Flatbed trailers range in length between 48 and 53 feet. They may have additional axles, extendable decks, or curtain-sided walls which we call Conestogas.

Step Deck
Step deck trailers have an upper and lower deck. Stepdecks come in 48’ and 53’ Lengths with a typical top deck of 10’ in length. We use step deck hauling for items that exceed the legal 8’6” height when placed on a flatbed trailer. The lower deck allows for legal transport up to 10’ in height. Tandem Step deck trailers usually handle around 42,500 pounds max. Tri-Axle Stepdecks are available that can handle more weight but the cargo has to be non-divisible.

Double Drop
A double drop trailer has lower deck section that rides at a height of 18 - 24 inches from the ground. Double drops add clearance to allow for taller cargo up to 12’ in Height to be hauled legally in most states. They also handle heavier loads because they can have two or more axles. Double drop trailers are helpful if you require open deck freight services for heavy-haul equipment.

Removable Gooseneck
Removable gooseneck trailers are similar to double drop trailers. The difference, is the removable neck that allows the trailer to drop down for cargo that needs to be driven onto the trailer deck. RGNs carry drivable equipment and machinery such as boats, combines, mining equipment, cranes, and articulated trucks.

Heavy-duty pickup trucks can haul smaller hotshot trailers that are typically 40’ long or less. Hotshot trailers are good for transporting smaller equipment and machinery, small construction equipment, and parts that does not exceed 15,000 lbs in weight. They can save you on costs compared to larger hauling equipment.

Trust OXBO Logistics With Large Cargo Using Open Deck Shipping Services

OXBO Logistics has a combined 50+ year’s experience working with qualified carriers capable of handling your open deck or over dimensional cargo needs. Contact us today for a quote on open deck freight services for your shipment.

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