RGN Trailer Trucking Services

Streamline your shipping operations and get heavy-haul loads to their destination smoothly with our professional RGN trailer trucking services. At OXBO Logistics, we can coordinate transportation for a wide variety of oversized and heavy goods, such as:

  • Commercial trucks and off-highway vehicles: ATVs, UTVs, light trucks for manufacturers, factory equipment, and other specialized vehicles
  • Construction machinery: Excavators, compactors, cranes, telescopic handlers, pipelayers, and pavers
  • Agricultural equipment: Combine harvesters, plows, and tractors
  • Mining equipment: Bulldozers, loaders, longwall equipment, dump trucks, and excavators
  • Watercraft: Boats, sailboats, personal watercraft and trailers

Our expertise means we help your business find the ideal transportation solutions for every project. In addition to removable gooseneck trailers, we work with double drop trailers, step-deck trucks, and other open-deck freight options.

Trucking Services between US, Canada & Mexico

open deck freight

Open Deck

OXBO Logistics offers a variety of trucking solutions for all Flatbed, Step Deck, Double Drop, Hotshot, and RGN services to and from all points in the US, Canada and Mexico.

closed deck services

Closed Deck

OXBO Logistics can handle Dry Van, Conestoga, and Refrigeration Freight Closed Decks, including 48’ and 53’ options from all regions in North America.



OXBO Logistics asset division can provide Heavy Haul Transport and Super Load services throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, utilizing our extensive inventory of heavy prime mover tractor and transporter configurations.

heavy haul transport

International Commercial Cargo

OXBO Logistics has over 40 years combined experience offering dedicated trucking service in and out of Mexico. Our partnership with experienced Mexico CTPAT certified carriers means no job is too big or too small.

20-acre storage facilities available in Houston, Texas and Portland, Oregon.

What Are RGN Trailer Trucking Services?

RGN trailers stand out because of their removable gooseneck hitch, which allows for fast connection to semi-trucks and greater flexibility for transport. This gooseneck uses hydraulics for safe and simple connections.

The front deck has the ability to angle completely downward when disconnected, creating a ramp. Forklifts can use this ramp to load equipment and goods, and wheeled machinery can drive directly onto the trailer.

RGN trailers feature a low well between the front and rear decks, the same type of layout as double drop trailers but with the advantage of the removable gooseneck. This low main deck can accommodate cargo up to 11.6’ – 12’ feet high without having to permit the cargo.

What Are the Advantages of RGN Trailer Transport Services?

RGN trailers are popular for heavy-haul and oversized shipping because they provide several huge benefits.

Less Intensive Loading Process

With an RGN trailer, manufacturers don’t need cranes or lifts for loading. Vehicles and machinery can drive onto the main deck. This is more time- and labor-efficient. Not needing to rent loading equipment saves money, too.

Simplified Shipping

Loads that would normally fall outside legal ranges can fit onto double drop RGN trailers without problems. This makes logistics easier, often avoiding the need to apply for extra permits.

Larger Capabilities

RGN trailers usually offer a lower main deck with 24-32-foot and a max load weight of 38,000-42,000 pounds on tandem axle RGN Trailers. RGN options with additional axles can haul loads of up to 150,000 pounds depending on equipment and destination.

Why Choose Us for RGN Trailer Trucking?

At OXBO Logistics, we’re the complete package. Our expertise can save your company time, money, and logistical headaches. We provide RGN trailer trucking services in North America throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico and follow state, federal, and international shipping requirements to the letter. Contact us to see our turnkey solutions for your business.

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