Drop Deck Trucking Services

Oversized cargo requires a special solution to move. Step deck trucking services provide the answer. At OXBO Logistics, we offer competitive pricing on drop deck trucking services throughout the U.S., Canada & Mexico.

Trucking Services between US, Canada & Mexico

open deck freight

Open Deck

OXBO Logistics offers a variety of trucking solutions for all Flatbed, Step Deck, Double Drop, Hotshot, and RGN services to and from all points in the US, Canada and Mexico.

closed deck services

Closed Deck

OXBO Logistics can handle Dry Van, Conestoga, and Refrigeration Freight Closed Decks, including 48’ and 53’ options from all regions in North America.



OXBO Logistics asset division can provide Heavy Haul Transport and Super Load services throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, utilizing our extensive inventory of heavy prime mover tractor and transporter configurations.

heavy haul transport

International Commercial Cargo

OXBO Logistics has over 40 years combined experience offering dedicated trucking service in and out of Mexico. Our partnership with experienced Mexico CTPAT certified carriers means no job is too big or too small.

20-acre storage facilities available in Houston, Texas and Portland, Oregon.

Advantages of Step Deck Trucking Services

These shipping services offer a number of benefits for transporting a range of cargo:

  • Security: The lower center of gravity of step-deck trailers provides more secure trailering. Integrated tie-down attachments on our trailers help ensure your cargo stays secure throughout the trip.
  • Accommodate oversized items: Low decks accommodate tall cargo without oversized restrictions and height permits. We can move most items up to 10 feet in height without the need for special permits on our step deck trucks.
  • Easy loading: Ramps and hydraulic loading systems make loading heavy cargo simple, safe, and quick. The lower deck height on drop deck trailers also helps improve stability when loading and unloading cargo with forklifts.
  • Capacity: Our drop deck trailers can accommodate some of the heaviest construction equipment, machinery, and oversized freight. If it fits within the dimensions of the lower deck of our trailers, we can usually move it.

Our Drop Deck Trucking Services

OXBO Logistics has decades of experience moving oversized cargo and equipment across the country and internationally. Our Bilingual staff is committed to providing honest pricing, clear communication, and professional trucking services to each client we serve.

Industries We Serve

Numerous industries benefit from drop deck trucking services. We proudly work with clients from the aerospace, manufacturing, agricultural, and construction industries to ensure oversized goods get where they need to go. Our Texas headquarters also gives us exceptional insight into the needs of petrochemical companies operating out of the state.

Whether you need oversized equipment moved across the state, to a Gulf Coast port, or over the Mexico or Canadian border, OXBO Logistics can help. Our experienced asset & 3PL drivers and Bilingual coordinators work with each client to ensure every detail is handled before your cargo hits the road.

Items We Transport

Drop deck trucking services are perfect for oversized and tall items that can be transported on an open trailer. Examples of the types of items we can transport include:

  • Power stations and industrial generators
  • Drilling rigs and their components
  • Storage tanks and high-pressure vessels
  • Forging equipment
  • Petrochemical equipment
  • Tractors and agricultural equipment

Let OXBO Plan Your Step Deck Transport

OXBO Logistics' drop deck trucking services provide complete trip planning and coordination for oversized and tall cargo. We can move your freight throughout the country or across international land borders. Contact us to schedule your shipment.

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